Château de Villette

Pittoresque Village - beautiful castles - Famous Vineyards - Stunning Nature

In the stunning and unspoilt Burgundy countryside Château de Villette offers unique and exciting shooting and hunting on small and large game.

You may also indulge in other activities such as :

* winetasting and purchasing. There are many famous vineyards within easy driving distance of the chateau

* visiting local chateau’s and learn more about their history.

* a gastrnomy tour: visit typical burgundina cheese or mustard factory and end yur visit with a wonderful taste.

* Shopping for antiques/brocantes in the nearby villages.

* Other activities such as golf, horseriding, flying, chateau's and roman churches.

* Visiting local food markets in the neighboring villages.

1000’s of hectares of unspoilt countryside surround this area which make it also an ideal place to go bicycling, jogging, walking, mushroom and escargot finding, wildlife studying etc.

Information about activities can be provided at Chateau de Villette or you may visit the following websites:

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Burgundy Eye