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Hygiene, Safety & Cancellation Conditions During Covid 19 

We have always focussed on the cleanliness of rooms, cottages and public spaces.
Hand sanitizer products will be available at each front door and in the cottages.
The common areas, bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned with disinfectants.
We will apply all the hygiene measures imposed following the Covid-19, such as the wearing of a mask by employees, gloves, hand sanitizer before cleaning each room or cottage, household linen cleaned by professional laundry.

Contactless Stay
The customer will be able to access the cottage without going through reception. Check-in will be done online.
The guest rooms will be checked in with only one person from your group.
Breakfast will be served in your room or on individual tables on the terrace or in the dining room.
Evening meals will also be served on individual tables on the terrace or in the dining room.

Terms of Cancellation

  • For those who booked with us directly:

The sums that you have already paid (whether the deposit or the total balance) can be used in the form of a credit for a new identical or equivalent service in the next 18 months. The price of your new reservation must not exceed that of the old one, or you can benefit from a service of a higher category than the initial service by paying the difference in price which will remain at your expense.

  • For those who have booked through an intermediary (such as a travel agent or booking website):

We strongly recommend that you contact the agency or intermediary who made your reservation with our establishment directly.
We understand that this measure can be considered as binding but we sincerely hope that you will accept it willingly because this proposal is essential to secure the cash flow and therefore the economic viability of our establishment.

  • For cancellations due to formal travel restriction caused by Covid-10 we offer you a free of charge change of date.

For all other cancellation reasons , our normal cancellation conditions apply.


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