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How many of us have dreamt about of escaping to a new country? Can it work? This almost implausible story of a Dutch and Belgian couple starts in 2000, with Coen Stork's dream to buy a castle for his wedding to Catherine....

The book is a private glimpse into the fun that makes the hard work of running a Chateau de Villette appear effortless. Stunning photography throughthe seasons, and Catherine and Coen's candid - and often hilarious - experiences, show how no two days are the same from preparations in spring and the first summer guests to the last shoot weekend in January. The book finishes with some mouthwatering recipes straight from the kitchen. It is written with love and humour about a romantic dream which connects historic pasts with a successful, modern working home.

BOOK: Chateau de Villette, Best Kept Secret in Burgundy

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